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Monday, 27 January 2014

(Photos) Mad Man & Woman Spotted Having Sex On The Streets Of Ghana

This couple was spotted in Ghana satisfying their sexual urge in broad daylight while an excited crowd gathered to watch and take pictures.
So mad people know this things too. See different styles..hehehehe #runsoff 
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Six Children From The Same Family Killed While Playing With A Hand Grenade Which They Mistook For A Toy

Six children from the same family were killed when a hand grenade they mistook for a toy exploded outside their home in north west Pakistan
Six children from the same family have been killed and another was injured after a hand grenade they mistook for a toy exploded in Pakistan. The children, aged five to 12, were playing near their home in the town of Hangu, in the north west of the country, when the grenade they were playing with blew up, officials said.
'Five boys and one girl were killed in the blast. One other child was injured,' said Iftikhar Ahmed, the district police chief.  Another child was injured.
Syed Ahmed Jan, a senior local administration official, added: 'The children were playing with a hand grenade they found on nearby open ground.'
Local police official Hussain Badshah said the girl and three of the boys were siblings, while the two other boys were their cousins.
The family had migrated from the neighbouring Orakzai tribal agency where the military is battling the Taliban.
The explosion happened in Babar Mela, about three miles from Hangu, a troubled district bordering Pakistan's tribal regions.
The area is rife with violence and tensions between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

14-year-old Stabs 11-year-old Half Sister 40times Because She Was Ungrateful


An 11-year-old Illinois girl was stabbed 40 times by her 14-year-old sister, police say, and the reason why has left many in the small Chicago-area community of Mundelein reeling in disbelief.
Police found the 11-year-old girl unconscious and in need of medical attention in an upstairs bedroom of the dwelling on Tuesday morning. She later died.

Because the sister, who called police, initially told officers an intruder was to blame for the attack, authorities briefly placed three schools on lockdown.

The truth, when it emerged, was even more shocking.

The 14-year-old, authorities say, repeatedly and fatally stabbed the victim -- her half sister -- with a kitchen knife because the teen thought she was ungrateful.
"This incident is a heartbreaking tragedy that defies understanding," said Mundelein Mayor Steve Lentz. "I am asking the Chicagoland area, please pray for us. Pray, first of all, for the family that has been devastated by this."
A group called "Mundelein Moms" is raising money for the girl's funeral and said it raised $6,381 in just one day. There also is an effort to have residents leave their lights on Friday night in remembrance.

41-Year-Old Loving Wife Who Donates Kidney To Hubby Wants It Back After He Dumped Her

41 years old loving wife Samantha who saved her husband's life by giving him one of her kidneys now wants it back after he dumped her.
Her husband Andy Lamb was dying of renal kidney failure and was only being kept alive by weekly sessions of dialysis until his wife Samantha persuaded him to take one of hers. 
The 41-year-old mother-of-one told the Sunday People:

He needed a new kidney or he would die. He was on dialysis three times a week. I told Andy he should go through with it. He had children from an earlier relationship and he wanted to be there for them.'

But Samantha says as soon as she went through with the operation she regretted it. She believed her 
husband was cheating on her - first that he was having an affair with her friend Clare. Samantha confronted her friend, Clare confirmed they were having an affair which Andy totally denied.
The couple tried to save their marriage and Samantha gave her husband one more chance but later discovered he was having sex chats online with women.
The couple got married in 2007 but in 2012, Andy finally left his wife. Samantha said:  

'I would definitely go through the operation again - but I wouldn't give the kidney to him. I hate him. If I could, I'd take it back and give it to someone else.'
Andy however denies having an affair with Samantha's friend but admits walking out on her. He said:  
'I did walk out on Samantha after she’d donated her kidney, but I wasn’t unfaithful. I never wanted her to donate her ­kidney because it was a big risk. But she insisted and I’ll always owe her my life. I loved her but our relationship wasn’t working. We had big rows and her family never liked me.

Meet Man Addicted To Eating Plastic Bags & So Far Has Consumed 60,000 Bags

According to a report in the Daily Mail, a 23-year-old man in Oakland, Tennessee, has been addicted to eating plastic bags since he was seven. He has consumed a staggering 60,000 bags so far, which is enough to cover an entire football field. Robert is so addicted to eating this plastic bags that he goes to the extent of stealing them form grocery stores to satisfy his cravings.According to the report, Robert starts off his day by eating a bag for breakfast.
The man told the tabloid that plastic bags of different colours taste different and the blue ones were his favourite. Robert admitted that he hunts for bags in the neighbourhood and on occasions even drives some distance to collect them. Sometimes he even drives around the neighbourhood looking for newspaper bags that have been left outside to satisfy his cravings.
His fiancee Ashley, however is concerned over his addiction – and wants him to stop before their wedding in six months time. The final straw are his medical tests. Though eating plastic can cause liver damage and intestinal blockage, tests show Robert is fit as a fiddle.
Meet man addicted to eating plastic bags, he has consumed 60,000 bags (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Grammy Celebrate Gay Marriage As Latifah Officiate Wedding Of 34 Gay Couples During The Grammy Award

Time to say I do: Dozens of couples will marry on air during Sunday night's live broadcast of the music industry's annual Grammy Awards as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform their nominated song Same Love

The much anticipated Grammy Awards saw the entire glitz and glamour, the joy and pain (of the losers) of the entire event. Amazingly, this year, wasn't just about the music, they were also about making a political statement in the same-sex marriage debate currently dividing much of America and all of Nigeria. 

In a turn of events heavily hyped in the hours leading up to the CBS telecast, 34 couples - both gay and straight and of different ages and ethnicities - exchanged rings and said "I do," as officiated on stage by Queen Latifah.
Actress/rapper/talk show host Queen Latifah was recently deputized by Los Angeles County to 
legally conduct wedding ceremonies and will sign the marriage certificates for each couple. 
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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Reward Of Honesty: Nigerian Army Rewards Woman For Returning Lost Money To Owner

Nigerian Army Rewards Woman For Returning N54,000 To Owner
Even in this wicked world of ours, some people like me, still have a good heart. Honesty pays and like an old adage, there is always a reward for honesty.
The 2 Division of Nigerian Army, Odogbo, Ibadan, Monday, rewarded Mrs Bimbola Makinde for returning the N54,000 she found to the owner. According to reports, the money belonged to a soldier in the division, Lance CorporalMohammed Suleiman, with service number 96NA/42/6475.
The General Officer Commanding (GOC) the Division, Maj.-Gen Ahmed Jibrin, told newsmen that the command was moved by the humanitarian gesture demonstrated by Makinde. According to him, the gesture will let the public know that there are still very good people in the country.
 “I feel that such a person is not an ordinary Nigerian and I strongly feel that such person should be given maximum publicity. The amount found is even equivalent to two months’ salary of some citizens in the country but Makinde went through pains to return the money intact.”
“So, when we see such people with the fear of God, we should celebrate them to encourage them to do more and for everyone to emulate such good virtues. It is with this that the division is rewarding Makinde with the sum of N54,000 to use for whatever will continue to remind her of her kind gesture.” He added.
In his remarks, Suleiman said he was surprised that such a person could still be found in the country where corruption and other vices thrived. In spite of the N5,000 reward he gave to Makinde, she still turned it down, adding that she did not return the money because she wanted to be rewarded. 
Responding, Makinde thanked the GOC for inviting her to the division and for the reward. She said: 
“What made me to return the money is because I have the fear of God and I want to make (go to) heaven.”

Meet Mr.Haji, The Man Who Hasn't Had His Bath For 60 Years

Ewwww!!!!! I wonder what he smell like *coversnose*
This Iranian man you see above hasn't allegedly had a bath for 60 years. Daily Mail reports that 80 year old Iranian Amou Haji hasn't washed for 60 years because he believes being clean will make him sick, and his favourite food is rotten porcupine.
To relax he likes to sit down and have a smoke, from a pipe packed with animal faeces. Mr Haji says he chose this way of life after going through some emotional setbacks in his youth and since then he has become a bit isolated.
His home is in Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars in Iran where, once, a group of young men offered to give him a shower - but luckily he managed to escape. At night he either sleeps in a hole in the ground, which is quite like a grave, or in an open brick shack which concerned locals built for him.
As well as cleanliness, Mr Haji also has an aversion to clean food and drink. He much prefers the rotten meat of dead animals and five litres of water a day from a rusty oil can. But don't think Mr Haji doesn't look after himself - when he wants to look his best he uses car mirrors for grooming, The Tehran Times reported. And, when he needs a haircut, he simply burns his locks in a fire.
As for clothing, he wears rags and, in the winter, a war helmet to ward off the cold.
The last record of longest time going without showers belonged to a 66-year-old Indian man, Kailash Singh, who had not taken a bath over 38 years. Mr Haji claims to have beaten that.


It is really a strange world. Anything can happen.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

(Photos) Hindu Worshippers Claim Drinking Virgin Cow Urine Can Combat All Diseases

A growing cult of Hindu worshippers in India claim that drinking fresh cow urine can successfully be used to combat all diseases - cancer, diabetes, tumours, tuberculosis, stomach problems and much more.

According to DailyMail, the Hindu believers regard the cow as a holy animal and say her urine has divine healing properties. However, they insist that the cow whose urine one has to drink, should be a virgin - she must not have delivered a calf. Also, the urine is to be collected just before sunrise - that's the urine that has the best effect.

They also claim that drinking cow pee is the only effective solution for treating baldness. Ramesh 

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Doctors In Sweden Successfully Carry Out Womb Transplant

Doctors at the University of Gothenburg Sweden have successfully carried out womb transplant for 9  women who were born without a womb and are waiting for them to get pregnant. This amazing new kind of surgery is geared towards helping women who are born without wombs, a medical condition called MKRH or had there uterus removed due to severe medical conditions such as cervical cancer.

The wombs received were from mothers or female relatives of the recipients. All nine women are currently ovulating which is a good sign that the wombs are doing fine inside the women. Continue..
Saudi Arabia is the first country in the world to have carried out womb transplant in the year 2000 but the recipient recorded blood clot and so the womb was removed. Turkey was the 2nd country to try the womb transplant were they took womb from dead people and transplanted into this women but the process also failed as the women lost their babies after 2 months of conception. England is preparing to also carry out the process.

Head surgeon for this process Dr Mats Brannstrom said

"This is a research study. It could lead to the women having children, but there are no guarantees …what is certain is that they are making a contribution to science.".

Monday, 13 January 2014

Two Teenagers Viciously Beats Fellow Teenage Friend And Holds Her Down To Be Raped

Two Teenage girls lured their friend to a house, thoroughly beat her up and held her down to be raped without the knowledge that someone was filming the whole scenario on his cell phone. After the attack, she was allowed  to leave. She managed to flag down a car and make it to her home where she fell unconscious and was taken to hospital. She spent several days in hospital with broken bones in her face, swelling and being unable to see.

UK Daily Mail reports
A 16-year-old girl was allegedly beaten by other girls before being held down to be raped in a horrifying attack that was filmed on a cellphone, it was revealed today. Patricia Montes, 15 (pictured above right), and 16-year-old Erica Avery (pictured left) are accused of punching, kicking and pepper-spraying the girl before holding her down to be raped by Jayvon Woolfork, 19, police said. The barbaric attack was filmed on a cell phone by Lanel Singleton, 18, and shows the girl writhing half naked and weeping in the yard of a home in Hollywood, Florida while her attackers leer over her.
Along with 17-year-old Dwight Henry, the alleged rape gang have all been charged in the attack on November 1 last year. 
The sickening clips, shown by CBS Miami for the first time today, shows the girls viciously beating the girl while the men watch. 

One male voice can be heard saying: 'They don't like this girl.'

One girl responds: 'I told you we were gonna f*** somebody up'. 
As the victim begs to be freed, another girl says they should 'let this girl go home' but the attack continues

Popular Comedian, Jonny Waka Unveils 2014 Shoe Model To Run For Election

Jonny Waka, Popular Nigerian Comedian unveils his new 2014 model of the Stylish Jonny Waka Shoe. With the shoe you can trek from Lagos to Port Harcourt without looking back. The shoe has an inbuilt cooling system to cool your foot while on the road. It is also a free ticket to house of assembly on the condition that you would not port to another party. Lol

For enquires on how to get this shoe, contact
Jegede: 08038201066

hehehehehe, #this shoe can be used to run for election or even boko haram# #runsoff

21-Year-Old Man Sets Himself Ablaze Because His Family Refused His Union With Girl Friend

A 21-year-old man, Mansur Tanko, on Friday, burnt himself to death in Jalingo, after a disagreement with his father, Tanko Mijinyawa, over marriage.

The Taraba Police Public Relations Officer, Joseph Kwaji, confirmed the incident and said the Jalingo Division of the police had commenced investigation into the matter. Tanko, according to a witness, Jibrin Bala, set himself ablaze because his family refused to approve his wedding with a girl, Blessing. The witness told sympathizers that Tanko introduced Blessing to his father as his proposed wife, but the father kicked against the union, describing it as a bad choice.
Bala said efforts by the father to convince his son to look for another girl failed, as he insisted that he could not survive without Blessing. The witness added that Tanko suddenly left his father and went to a corner in the compound, where he poured petrol on his body and set himself ablaze.
"When we suddenly saw fire, everybody ran toward the corner of the compound, only to see Tanko burning.
"The father and other people in the compound tried to rescue Tanko from the fire, but failed as the flame was much and we could not move near," he said.

Meanwhile, he said, Tanko's father is currently receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo, for injuries sustained while trying to rescue the son from the fire.

Source: NAN

(Photos) After Eating Grass, Rabboni Church Members Throw Up

After Members of the Rabboni Centre Ministries in PretoriaSouth Africa, under instruction from their pastor, Lesego Daniel, dropped to the floor to eat grass after the 'man of God' told them it will 'bring them closer to God.

After the story went viral, members of the church defended their pastor who was thoroughly criticized for this practice and said eating grass has not only brought them closer to God but also heals them of illnesses.
'Yes, we eat grass and we're proud of it because it demonstrates that, with God's power, we can do anything,' Rosemary Phetha told South Africa's Times Live.
Testimony abound from members claiming they were healed after eating the grass. 
A 21-year-old law student says after battling sore throat for more than a year, she was healed after eating the grass. Doreen Kgatle, 27, of Ga-rankuwa, suffered a stroke two years ago. Kgatle said,
'I could not walk but soon after eating the grass, as the pastor had ordered, I started gaining strength and an hour later I could walk again,' said Kgatle.
 Pictures from the church's Facebook page shows dozens of the members throwing up after obey their pastor and eating grass. Well, what can i say?

(Terrifying Pictures)Chinese Students Hang Their Head So They Do Not Fall Asleep While Studying

Shocking pictures of some Chinese students' studying with their hair and neck tied to bunk to prevent them from falling asleep while studying were taken from the Chinese social media site Weibo.  Little wonder, they are really smart.

What do you think? Can you try it?

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Woman Jailed With Hard Labor For Damaging Phone

An Ikeja Magistrates’ Court in Lagos State on Friday sentenced a businesswoman, Philomina Eregbulem, 28, to two months imprisonment with hard labour for damaging a house caretaker’s cell phone. Delivering judgment, the Magistrate said: “you are hereby sentenced to two months imprisonment with hard labour for maliciously damaging a cell phone.

The magistrate said the convict should also to restitute N110,000, which is the value of the phone she damaged.
“From the facts before the court, prosecutor has proved beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the offence that you are charged with. This court hereby finds you guilty of the charge of malicious damage and sentences you to two months imprisonment.
“This will serve as deterrent to others,” the magistrate said.
Ms. Eregbulem was arraigned on November 8, 2012, on one-count charge of malicious damage. She pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted bail for N100,000 with two sureties in like sum.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Controversial Lagos Pastor Sign Fireman Arrested Over Alleged Ritual Of Virgin Girl by His Member

Controversial Lagos miracle pastor, Pastor Ofuche Ukoha aka "Sign Fireman" has been implicated in a ritual murder scandal involving an 18 years old boy, 
Ikechukwu Friday in his church who strangled a 12 year old teenage girl while trying to obtain feaces from her for ritual purposes.

According to SaharaReporters, Pastor Fireman's involvement in the scandal was exposed by the eighteen year old boy who said when he was paraded by the police, that he was sent on the ritual mission by Pastor  Fireman.
The teenager said he had always dreamt of becoming rich and had approached the pastor personally, after years of attending the church without his own financial miracle happening.
Mr. Fireman reportedly told him the way to get his Sign for finance was to get the feaces of a virgin girl. 

The suspect said Pastor Fireman promised him a reward of N100,000 for the assignment.

The suspect narrated how he sought and killed the 12 year old girl simply named "Bose" on the 30th of December, 2013. She was the daughter of a poor lady on his street.

Ikechukwu admitted he had lured the young girl to a building, took her inside, squeezed her neck till she defecated. But as he was about to dash out with the poo, he was caught by a security man.
The security man had seen him walk in with the girl, heard her scream, only to see Ikechukwu walking out alone later. He raised an alarm, Ikechukwu was caught and the young girl was discovered dead.

Confirming the incident to a Lagos correspondent this morning, Lagos Police PRO, Mrs. Ngozi Braide said Pastor Fireman was arrested on Tuesday five days after he was declared wanted by the police. 
She said investigation has commenced regarding his involvement. She also said the outcome of the investigation would  soon be made public.

With his church receiving hordes of miracle seekers every weekend, Pastor Fireman's church auditorium at Aguda, Surulere area of Lagos is reportedly notorious for using semi-nude female ushers.


Naomi Oni Wanted To Achieve Fame & Fortune And Arranged For Acid To Be Poured On Her

Victoria's Secret lingerie store worker was today forced to deny throwing acid in her own face to gain fame and fortune by her friend Mary Konye.
Naomi Oni, 21, was accused of setting up the attack and asking friend Mary Konye, also 21, to 'play the stalker' and throw the corrosive liquid over her.
The prosecution claim Konye donned a full niqab before following Oni as she made her way home, only to douse in sulphuric acid which has left her disfigured for life.
But the defence say it was part of an elaborate plan to become rich and famous.
That Naomi hatched a plan with Konye to pour acid over herself to improve her future prospects.
According to the Defence:
'You, Naomi formalised a plan in which you would become the victim of a random acid attack in the hope that you would receive the same type of fame and fortune as Katy Piper had. You were of the view that Katy Piper still looked lovely after the attack but that you would need something else to support the attack because the police wouldn't believe you and that was where you brought Mary Konye into it.

See Pictures Of Inri Christo, The Brazillian Man Who Thinks He Is Jesus

Meet 66-year-old Brazilian man Inri Cristo who believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Inri dresses like Jesus, says his mission is to prepare the elect for the formation of the new earthly society, which will strive to fulfill the Creator's will. He has spent 35 years preaching and has ‘hundreds of followers’ from around the world, including the UK, Britain and France, some of whom live with him at his ‘church’ compound outside Brasilia.
As ‘Jesus reborn’, he gave himself the name Inri which means - Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews' and Christo which means - Christ. But despite seeing himself as Jesus reborn, Inri refuses to celebrate Christmas saying it is just a day where 'the rich humiliate the poor'.

‘It is a day when the little sons of the rich can show the gifts they received while the poor children only get a crumb,’ he said. ‘So it is a very sad day for anyone who sees things with the eyes that I see.’
Since childhood he had been following a powerful voice that 'speaks in his head' but it was only on this occasion that it told him: 
‘I am your Father. The God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob.’

He now runs his own church, the 'Soust' (Suprema Ordem Universal da Santmssima Trindade), located on a lush farmland outside of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, which he calls the 'New Jerusalem'. He and his followers survive on homegrown fruit like bananas, avocados and mangos as well as a vegetable garden. 
There's also a chapel where Ingra speaks to his followers every Saturday morning and a kennel for the dogs that guard the complex.
Critics believe he is mentally ill - an accusation he firmly denies. He said:
I can be crazy but not dumb. Madness is different from dementia. It is the mother of philosophers, prophets and inventors.
More Pix of Christo and his disciples after cut

Chinese Woman Receives Free Plastic Surgery For Nose & Mouth Bitten Off By Mice When She Was A Baby

Fresh chance: Zhu Sanni, 23, had been left alone at home for three days when the animals began to eat her face

A woman whose nose and upper lip were bitten off by mice when she was a baby is to receive free plastic surgery. Zhu Sanni, 23, from Qingdao, Shandong Province, had been left alone at home for three days when the animals began to eat her face.
Her father suffered from a mental illness and often left home and disappeared for days. One day her mother went out for food but did not return for three days. 

Sanni was left to survive by herself but when she was discovered her face was covered in blood and her nose and lip had been eaten by mice. 
Without money, her parents didn't take her to the hospital, but simply washed her wounds. 
Recently Qingdao Boshi Hospital has offered to provide free surgeries for Sanni. 
Director Wu Yuhua from the medical affairs office of the hospital said they will build Sani an artificial nose and lip, but the surgeries may take up to two years.

In 2009  Australian nursing home resident had his ears gnawed by mice. 
Staff found the 89-year-old covered in blood and the man was in a distressed state and had injuries from severe mouse bites.


Woman Goes Blind While Trying TO Change The Color Of Her Eyes

A student from London was left temporarily blind after surgery to change the colour of her eyes.Shenise Farrell travelled to Panama, in Central America, for the unregulated procedure to change her eye colour from dark brown to light brown.
Woman Tries to Change Her Eye Colour, Goes Blind

When Ms Farrell arrived at the clinic, she was told the brown implants were ‘out of stock’ and she agreed to have blue ones instead. She spent £8,000 on the operation but it went wrong and she was almost left permanently blind.To her huge shock, at the end of the 20 minute procedure, Ms Farrell realised she couldn’t see properly.
She says it was as though she was looking underwater but the surgeon told her not to worry and that for some patients it took up to two weeks for vision to return to normal.
However, by the time Ms Farrell returned to London her sight had deteriorated further. When she returned to London she had to have another operation (pictured) to remove the implants and save her sight
Pix of the surgery after cut

(Photo) Pastor Convinces Congregation To Eat Grass & Marches Them During Baptism

The Grass-eating church congregation in South Africa

Things people do in the name of being a Pastor. Pastor Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Centre Ministries situated at zone 2 Ga-Rankuwa, north of Pretoria, made his members eat grass and stepped on them while making illustration that the spirit of God can lead people to eat anything. According to the pastor: 
“There were many disciples and you don’t know others. Let God show you as they were deliberately not revealed in the Bible because God wanted someone to do them, new things.
said he was basically trying to prove that humans can be controlled by the spirit and they can eat anything to feed their bodies. He managed to convince his members to start eating grass and they obeyed.

More pix after the cut

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 Gift I Guess? JuJu Infront Of First Bank Uyo, Forces Bank To Shut Down

There are reports from Akwa Ibom State that the Plaza branch of First Bank Nigeria PLC, Uyo is currently under a traditional injunction placed at the entrance of the banking hall by unknown persons. The building which is reportedly owned by Joesco Group of Companies is located at the heart of the town and is reportedly regarded as the most patronized bank in Akwa Ibom State.

Whoever gave the traditional injunction is still unknown but there are insinuations that maybe there's a problem between the owners of the property and the bank or an aggrieved customer/staff of the bank versus the branch's management.

As a result of the injunction, customers reportedly were seen in large numbers rushing in use the ATM to avoid being financially stranded as the week begins.
For now, no one knows whether the bank will be open for business tomorrow following the ugly incident.