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Friday, 30 August 2013

Kenyan Police Boss Receives Severed Human Head & Body Parts As Parcel

Kenya's Police Commission chief has received a severed human head and two hands as a parcel. Also attached was a threat saying “Kavuludi, you are next"  for the chief of the largely civilian police oversight body, Johnston Kavuludi, who was appointed last year. Initially, the package was thought to be a bomb and explosives only to discover on opening that it was body parts.

Kavuludi introduced the comprehensive police reforms in 2011 aimed at stopping violations committed by police during post-election violence in 2007-2008, but implementation has been blocked. The reforms transfer some powers from the police chief to the commission, including responsibility for recruitment and discipline of police officers.

9-Month Old Baby Burnt To Death

A nine-month-old baby locked up in a house by her parents has been reported burnt to death. The girl’s mother was said to have gone to the market to earn a living by plaiting peoples’ hairs at Sapele yam garage while the father was also at work.
The incident occurred at about 7.00pm, Wednesday. The whole building was brought to ruins as neighbors could not put out the fire

Kim Jong-Un, North Korean Leader Executes Ex-Girlfriend Publicly by Firing Squad for Pornography

From Asia News

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ordered the public execution of his ex-girlfriend Hyon Song- wol, accused of 'pornography' with a group of artists from the National Orchestra of Unhasu, which his current wife Ri Sol -ju also once belonged to. The arrest took place on August 17, the execution took place in public three days later. According to the indictment the women filmed themselves having sex and then sold

Secondary School Student Constructs A Prototype of A Refuse Dump Truck & A Bulldozer

The picture of the bulldozer and dump truck above was carefully crafted by a Secondary School School Student, right here in Nigeria. Master Echezona, an S.S.3 student who aspires to became a Mechanical engineer in future is already practising his craft as he built a locally made electric engine bulldozer and a dump truck. This kind of talent is rare and needs supports. So if you are out there and can help this young man achieve his dreams, then do so immediately. Lets help our own and take Nigeria to the next level. More pix after cut

Jealous Female Students Bathes Boyfriend With Hot Water Because He Didn't Give Her Attention, Father Dies After Hearing News

A jealous female student of the Osun State Polytechnic, simply identified as Yetunde has been arrested by the police for pouring hot water on her boyfriend, Niyi Adelana shortly after his birthday.
The 19 year-old lady, Yetunde of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) department was said to have poured hot water on Niyi because he invited other girls and failed to give her adequate attention during the birthday party held at Miracle Hall, BHS area in Iree.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Check out the Woman in S/A Who Believes An Evil Snake Lives Inside Of Her

Maria Tsotetsi (49), from extension 28 in Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg, SA, says she has an evil snake inside her stomach. 
She said she has been told by several prophets and traditional healers that the reptile lives inside her.
Maria, who looks pregnant, said she was in hospital in 2011, where

Polish Lady Plans To Have Marathon S3x With 100,000 men Around The World In Order To Enter World Record Books

A 21-year-old Polish girl has told how she aims to sleep her way into the record books - by bedding 100,000 men around the world.

Randy Ania Lisewska - from Warsaw, Poland - told her Facebook followers she plans to sleep with men in every city in the world for her sex marathon.
"I want men from Poland, Europe,

Parrot Turns Hero as It Helps Frustrate Robbery Attack

Emerald the parakeet helps foil burglary in Florida

A parrot called Emerald has been praised for helping to foil a suspected burglary in Florida. When the 21-year-old parakeet started squawking louder than normal in his cage, his owner realised something was wrong. 
Suzette Beesley looked outside of her home in Tampa and noticed that someone was trying to burgle her neighbour's house. 

She told "I heard this bird making this serious squawking. Ms Beesley called 911 while Emerald the parrot kept 

Rev Father Kills Self While Cleaning Gun

A Catholic priest, Father Peter Ayala, was found dead on Sunday morning in his apartment inside the St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church, Sobe, in Owan West Local Government, Edo State.
Ayala, who was due to say the morning mass at 7am, was said to be cleaning his double-barrel when it reportedly went off and killed him. It was gathered that the incident took place when some of the worshippers had already gathered for worship.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Whale Found On The Shores Of A Beach In Lagos, After An Ocean Surge


Despite several warnings by the government of Lagos state to residents on the Island living close to the beach to vacate their premises due to the emergence of a possible ocean surge on the beaches located on the island. Some residents took to the warnings, while some paid no attention. As predicted, the ocean surge did happen and a whale purportedly shows up at the shores of the beach. The picture Above is the whale that was found on the  shores of beach after the ocean surge.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Two Men Strip Naked In Lagos In a bid To Resist Arrest

This incident happened today in Lagos State, Allen junction Ikeja to be precise.

In a bid to resist to resist arrest and to prevent police from towing their vehicle, This bus driver and his conductor stripped naked as in stark naked!!
Their strategy eventually paid off because witnesses at the scence said police fired a shot into the air and left immediately.
What can i say, too much foreign movies>>>>tehehehehe

Man Cheats Death & Returns Back To Life After Been Declared Dead By Doctors

Tony Yahle Came Back to Life after 45 Minutes
Tony Yahle

A 37-year-old Ohio man whose heart stopped for 45 minutes  came back to life surprising doctors.
Tony Yahle’s wife woke up early on Aug. 5 and noticed that her husband’s breathing was irregular. Melissa Yahle called an ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital.
That afternoon in the hospital Tony’s heart stopped, according to WHIO TV, and for 45 minutes while doctors tried to revive him, the cardiac monitor stayed flat-lined.Finally, doctors declared him dead.
Medical staff said they noticed his heart beat pulsing again once or twice each minute, according to ABC.
“When I looked at the electrical activity, I was surprised,” cardiologist Dr Raja Nazir told ABC. “I thought we’d better make another effort to revive him.”
His heart rate sped up and a week later, Yahle is already feeling well enough to speak to television cameras, telling media he thought his survival was miraculous.
His son had pleaded ,saying “Dad, you’re not going to die today,” and indeed he did not die.

Horrific Sea Monster Found In Spain, Identified

large photo

The mystery of the horned sea monster that washed ashore in Spain and caused widespread speculation as to its identity has been solved, and it isn’t what you might have thought. Oarfish was a popular guess among those trying to figure out the identity of the strange sea creature that washed ashore at Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain, last week.
But as it turns out, the largely decomposed, 13-foot carcass was determined to be that of a shark, three leading shark experts concluded.
“That is definitely a shark skeleton,” Florida State University ichthyologist Dean Grubbs told NBC News. “The elements toward the back were confusing me, but those are the lower caudal fin supports. The ‘horns’ are the scapulocoracoids, which support the pectoral fins.” More Pix after cut

Chinese Man Gets Arrested For Deceiving Woman That He Could Get Rid Of Evil Spirits In Her With His Penis

A Chinese man is facing trial after claiming he could exorcise ghosts from inside a woman - using his penis. Huang Jianjun had allegedly made his young victim pay to have sex with him to banish evil ghosts that he claimed can only be caught with his manhood.

According to Chinese newspaper the Southern Metropolis Daily, the alleged victim had contacted self-proclaimed 'ghostbuster' Huang Jianjun for help after she fell for her boss at work, and she needed help seducing her boss.
She met Jianjun at a hotel room and he ordered her to strip naked on the bed for an examination.

After the examination, he then explained to her that she has a "vagina full" of trouble-

Teenager hides in plane tyres to fly from Benin to Lagos


According to  Punch Newspaper:
A teenager beat airline and airport security at the Benin Airport and sneaked into the tyre compartment of a Lagos-bound Arik plane, where he flew safely to the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, on Saturday morning.
There was, however, pandemonium at the airside of the Lagos airport when passengers disembarking from the aircraft saw the teenager as he emerged from the undercarriage (aircraft tyre hole) to join fellow travellers.
The adolescent stowaway, identified as Daniel Ihekina, was immediately arrested by security officials at the airport.
The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria and Arik Air confirmed the incident.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dumped Baby Found Inside Gutter In Onitsha (Photo)

A baby was found dumped in a gutter in Onitsha, Anambra State. It is really weird how women would carry a child for 9 months, go through the pains of childbearing and yet, dump the child after birth. May his lil, innocent soul rest in peace. See the awful pix of the dumped baby after the cut

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Identical Twins Charged For Rape as DNA cant Reveal which of them is Guilty


Mohammed and Aftab Asghar, who happens to be Identical twin brothers, have appeared in court charged with raping a woman as they cannot be told apart by their DNAThe twins were arrested after evidence taken from the scene linked the alleged crime to one or both of them.
Prosecutors have charged both siblings as they are unable to tell which one of the two is the suspected sex attacker.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Only Low Self Esteem people use weaves says Pastor in Texas


A pastor in Texas who is planning to ban his members from wearing weaves to church has said it is meant for women with low self-esteem. Here is what he told when he was interviewed;

“Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying. Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads. I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”
Do you think this is true?

Woman get Arrested for attempting to Assassinate her two sons

South African police have arrested a 50-year-old woman for ordering the assassination of her two sons as part of a suspected life insurance scam.

According to reports, the woman from Port Shepstone, south of Durban, recruited a relative to carry out the double murder, but the man reported her to the police.
The job was to be done for around $2,400 (N384,000), but she had requested a family discount.

“The alleged motive for the killing was that... more after cut

I Did it to Save My Dying Wife-Confessions of a Suspected Pipeline Vandal


20 years old Owoye Ebiwe, 20, from Ondo state, was one of ten suspected pipeline vandals apprehended by the Special Task Force on Anti-Pipeline vandalism.
They were caught red-handed vandalizing a pipeline belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, located in Elekete area of Ogun state.

While all the suspects freely opened up confessing their alleged involvement in the crime, Ebiwe was unusually calm. While that lasted, he bent down, scribbling what did not make sense on the wet ground. When approached, he raised his head  and behold, he was shedding tears.  
Asked why he was crying, he lamented the woes he claimed had befallen him and eventually led him into the unpalatable situation he found himself. Lamenting his woes, he said....more after the cut

Grandmum Receives Letter from Neigbhour to Kill her 13 Year old Grandson in order to Relieve him of Suffering

A grandmum of a 13-year-old autistic boy received a letter from her neighour to either move out of the neighborhood or have him euthanized (i.e have him killed). If you dont know,  Euthanasia or Mercy killing refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. 
The boy's grandmother, Brenda Millson who lives in canada received the anonymous letter on Friday and immediately reported it to the police. Police have said the letter will not be considered a hate crime.

But after making international headlines, different people have been sending messages to his family on how they would love to help and also pay different bills. There is no cure for this yet, but some children get better with it as they grow older. 
The letter was really mean, cruel and heartless. Read the letter after the cut

Lover Baptizes Partner with Hot Oil in Abuja for Refusing to Marry Her


A Karu Senior Magistrates’ court, yesterday, sentenced a 25-year-old woman, Victoria Alonge, to one-year in jail for pouring hot oil on her boyfriend, Roland Nna who lives in Kurudu, Abuja, over his refusal to marry her.

The Police Prosecutor, Cpl. Paschal Njoku, said Alonge went to Nna’s house at about 4:30 a.m. on the fateful day, August 11 and poured hot oil on him while he was asleep, resulting in grievous hurt on his body. More story after cut

Prophet Iretiola Ajanaku resurrects on the way to mortuary, after being confirmed dead

After It was reported that Prophet Iretiola Ajanaku died on Sunday morning, latest new reports, has it that the man has ressurected as nurses were preparing him for the morgue. He suddenly woke up and shouted 'Thank you Jesus' before relapsing into another spiritual slumber. They also said his wife has been saying i knew daddy is not dead.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Shocking: Housemaid toes cut off by Employer


From leadership newspaper:

The toes of a housemaid identified as Aishatu have been allegedly cut by her employer, who was irked over the failure of Aishatu to meet her at the gate when she returned home from an outing.
A source who disclosed this to LEADERSHIP said the case of Aishatu was one out of the many atrocities being committed against humanity, especially the female folk in Sokoto State.The incident which happened in Rujin Sambo area of the state metropolis, was not the first of it's kind according to a neighbour who craved anonymity. More after the cut

The highest bridge in the world is 98ft long & 18,379ft high above sea level

The Bailey Bridge is the highest bridge in the world in terms of altitude. It is located in the Ladakh valley between the Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayan Mountains. It was built by the Indian Army in August 1982. It is just 30 meters (98 ft) long, and is at an altitude of 5,602 meters (18,379 ft) above sea level. 
The Bailey bridge system was devised by British engineer Sir Donald Bailey during World War 2, and consists of a basic diamond braced unit of welded steel, which can be easily manipulated by a squad of six men and joined together to make complex bridging structures. 

The World's Quietest room is so quiet that you can go Insane if you remain inside for 45 minutes

 The Guinness Book of Records hails it as the world’s quietest room, so quiet that you can go insane if you remain inside for 45 minutes. The room can be found in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis as part of Orfield Laboratories.

Steven Orfield, company founder and president says: We challenge people to sit in the chamber in the dark – one reporter stayed in there for 45 minutes. When it’s quiet, ears will adapt. The quieter the room, the more things you hear. You’ll hear your heart beating, sometimes you can hear your lungs, hear your stomach gurgling loudly.’

Hologram substitutes Human Receptionist at London Council

A closer and more cautious look at the beautiful lady would reveal that she's a hologram. Just incase you did not know, a hologram is a projected three-dimensional representation of a person or object, normally used in communication or entertainment.
Virtual assistantShanice, the new receptionist at Brent Council’s town hall would replace staff at the reception. She seems friendly enough as she smiles from behind a desk and will be trained to answer a limited number of questions.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Blind Motor cyclist Set new world speed record

Blind biker sets new world speed record

Stuart Gunn’s inability to see where he’s going has not prevented him from setting a new world speed record. He became the fastest blind and disabled biker on the planet after hitting 167.1mph on Saturday. His father, Geoff, rides alongside him and uses an intercom system to tell him if he is drifting off course or needs to brake.

‘I hope this proves to people that just because you are blind or have a disability, doesn't mean it should change or limit your life,’ said Stuart, from Edinburgh.

Surgeons Operate 70-year old man to remove fork from his penis which got stuck during sexual play

Pensioner has fork removed from penis

Three Surgeons has successfully removed a fork from the 70 year old man which got inserted while trying to achieve sexual climax the object. The unfortunate incident happened in Australia was described in a recent medical journal by three surgeons who operated on the man to remove the kitchen utensil. 

They talked about how the pensioner had come to the hospital for help after getting the piece of cutlery stuck when using it to achieve sexual climax. they eventually managed to retrieve the object after using a large amount of lubrication and forceps, while the man was given a general anaesthetic

Sunday, 18 August 2013

For Being Attractive, An Iranian Woman Has Been Barred From Office

       nina siakhali moradi
I never realized it was a crime or rather a sin to be beautiful in some parts of the world to the extent that you would be barred from holding elective position.

27 year old architect Nina Siahkali Moradi finished 14th among 163candidates in a city council election in Iran but was told a week later that all votes for her were nullified.

According to The Times of London, after news spread that Moradi had been elected, religious conservatives petitioned to have her disqualified because she's 'too attractive.' and would be a cause of distraction. "We don’t want a catwalk model on the council," a senior official in Qazvin said.
The review board later claimed Nina was disqualified not because she was too attractive but because of her 'non-observance of Islamic codes'. Some who opposed her election said she had only been elected because she is young and attractive.

A law expert in Qazvin, told Iran Wire that the review board violated election law with its decision to bar Moradi from taking a seat. 

Nigerian lady invents ball that can generate light, charge mobile phones and fans

25-year-old Nigerian lady, Jessica Matthews, has invented a power-generating football called Soccket ball. She was at the presidential villa yesterday where she presented the ball to the president. The ball can generate three hours light if played for 30mins at home. It is also versatile and not only about the electricity we see, but can be used  to charge mobile phones and fans. It will soon be made available for sale in Nigeria and the cost would be equivalent to what people pay for a solar inverter, she said.

Jessica trained as a psychologist and economist.

Kudos, people like this make me proud of being a Nigerian

Lina Medina Becomes the Youngest Mother of a Baby Boy at 5 years Old. Can You Believe this?


Lina Vanessa Medina Medina Lopez made history back in May 1939 as the youngest mother known to man at the age of 5 years old. At first, the parents of the young Lina Medina thought their young daughter was suffering from an abdominal tumor. Her father took her to hospital after the shamans in their remote village of Ticrapo District in Peru failed to find a cure for her.

To everyone’s bewilderment, the five-year old Lina was the mother of a baby boy a little over a month later.Youngest-mother-ever.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Turkey Cooks World Largest Omelette (Eggs) with 110,00 eggs and 432 litres of Oil

We have heard of World Aids Day, World Fish day, World Milk day, World Malaria day and now we have World Egg day.  In 2010, to celebrate and mark world egg day, Turkish egg producers association decided to cook the world’s largest omelet. They used 110.000 eggs and 432 liters of oil to make a 6 tons omelet. It was twice as big as the previous one.

Hong Kong Universtity Offers Bachelors Degree in Bra Studies

There is nothing that we would not hear of in this our world. Bra studies????? Interesting!!!!
Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a course named ‘Intimate Textiles and Accessories’ by Joanne Yip. Yes, this is a course about lingerie. Part of the course includes visiting a factory and the bra surgery.
Yip says that she engages the students in an activity known as Bra Surgery in  which she asks them to employ scissors in cutting off real bras followed by answering a coupel of questions regarding the components of a bra. She adds that she gives the students ‘a chance to study a real bra carefully and to identify its components and materials’. 
Here’s more on what the course offers, according to the website: 
‘Intimate apparel is one of the recently blooming local industry that demands new blood who can think sharp, analytically and creatively. To facilitate the development of these higher order thinking skills, I have engaged students in a blend of authentic tasks to nourish their knowledge, practice their skills and more importantly, confront their thinking so as to help them achieve the outcomes of higher order thinking skills and generic abilities.’ 
Make this course come naija, e so sell die..especially for

2 Months Old Girl Born With Extra Legs Successful Operated on By Nigerian Surgeons

A two month old baby who was born with extra legs has been successfully operated upon by surgeons at the Federal Medical Centre, Yola. The girl was born in Adamawa, where the residents regarded her as a spirit.

Professor Awwal Abubakar, who led the team of surgeons that performed the surgery disclosed that the procedure lasted for two hours. The girl can now live a normal life.

Source: Ladun Liadi

After 121 days with 40 deadly snakes to break record, he found out that the record has been scraped from Guiness World Record

David Jones spent four months locked in a 5m x 4m sealed room with two black mambas, two green mambas, three snouted cobras, seven bloomsang and 27 puff adders. He lived, slept and ate in the deadly enclosure since May 2010 and surpassed the current 113 day world record held by South African Natie Swart.
Jones, a carpenter from Sussex, started taking an interest in snakes from the moment he caught his first grass snake on a railway line near to his home as a young boy. Before spending 121 days in a locked room with 40 venomous snakes – black mambas, cobras, boomslangs and puff adders, however, he had never actually handled a venomous snake – making his world record even more impressive, or jaw-dropping.
Surpassing the South African former world record holder Natie Swart’s effort by eight days, Jones survived the four months, eating, drinking and sleeping in the same small enclosure as the reptiles without being bitten, and has now returned to Britain.
‘It was something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, although I can’t explain why – I just love snakes,’ says Jones, looking back on the experience. ‘Prior to this I used to enjoy spending the day looking for them under logs, catching them and then releasing them.’
Source: seriousfacts

Monday, 12 August 2013

For a stronger brain, it is recommended you chew gum

Everyday comes with its new innovations and revelations. This time a study in the UK revealed that mental alertness and intellectual performance were increased in people who chewed gum.
Another study, reported on by Live Science found that chewing gum before taking a test improved performance, but chewing gum throughout the test did not. The possible reason for this result is that chewing gum may warm-up the brain, something gum researchers refer to as ‘mastication-induced arousal’.

Thousands gather at New York to break world record for the most amount of people gathered in their underwear (Photos)

New York now holds the record for the most amount of people gathered in their underwear in Times square, New York this year 2013. The previous record was 2,270 people. More revealing pix below

Amazing Superstitious belief: Do you believe in them?


Superstition is an irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious especially connected with a tribe or religion. Every country has their own superstitious belief but i can tell you categorically that of all the superstitions i've heard, Nigerian superstitions are quiet hilarious (Maybe because i am nigerian) Anyways, I remember when i was still little my mum (most times my grandmum) never joked with these superstitions and she ensured you made ammend asap if you violate any of them. Anyways, I deemed it fit to share some with you. Check them out.

  • It is unlucky for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony starts.
  • if you open an umbrella in the house, you might not get married
  • If you have sex in the afternoon, you would give birth to an albino
  • If you kill a spider, you would wet the bed
  • if an iguana touches you, you would be barren. Check out more below

Stinging bee competition (Photo)

Our beards create a real buzz
Two contestants at the competition

Whites are daring and we all know this. This picture is from a bee beard competition held annually in Canada where contestants are covered from head to upper torsos with up to 16,000 insects. The bees has to be sculpted into a particular shape before competitors take to the catwalk

Competitors at the annual event at Clovermead Adventure Farm in Ontario, Canada, lure swarms of bees by placing a caged queen bee around their neck. Beekeepers minimise the risk of contestants getting stung by keeping the colonies fed with sugar water or sedating the bees with smoke before they are allowed to join the beard. Winner and more pix after cut

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

World Longest Wedding Gown made in 100days

 Emma, a model was the lady that had the honour of wearing the world´s longest wedding dress ever. This wedding dress was made with 1.857 needles and 4.700 meters of material to make 2.750 meters long wedding dress in a total of 100 days.
 Mehn!!!! I wonder how long it would take for the wedding procession.

Going the Extra Mile with Extreme Facial Tattoos

Horrible Face Tattoos (30 pics)
Even though I ain't a fan of tattoos but maybe I could accept tattoos on the hand, legs, chest & back. But tattoos on the face, I think it is absolutely insane. This is just the height of it. It is a no no for me. There is always a boundary for everything and I think these peeps have crossed the boundary by tattooing their faces. Even if you must tattoo your face, moderation is the key.
Check out more photos below

After 60 years of Pregnancy, Woman Finally Gives Birth to Stone

Huang Yijun, aged 92, a native of southern china finally gave birth after 60 years of carrying a baby. However, this baby wasn't born alive as it turned out she had been carrying a "lithopedion", in layman's language, a stone baby. 

A medical expert explained that the condition is quiet rare and occurs when a pregnancy fails and the foetus solidifies in the womb.

This is a rare case that affects some women.

Man with 280 Peircings on his Face clinches title in Guinness Book of World Record

Axel Rosales from Argentina clinched the title in Guinness book of world records for the most piercings on the face. He hails from Argentina and has 280 facial piercings.

Wow!!!! WTF...Can you do this for a million buck?

Successful Surgery of Boy born with 16 toes and 15 fingers

A six year old boy in China is said to have been born with 15 fingers and 16 toes. Li as he is fondly called has suffered from bullying and ridicule by his peers due to his extra fingers and toes and was even called a monster. As such has not lived a normal life, his mother said.
According to expert the abnormality is caused by a genetic mutation. It is usually called polydactylism (from Ancient Greek, polus "many"), also known as hyperdactyly, is a congenital physical anomaly in humans having supernumerary fingers or toes. This condition can occur on its own without any other symptoms or underlying disease, according to the National Institutes of Health, or may be inherited.

More pix and story below