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Friday, 2 August 2013

Meet the Girl Who Cries Blood

This is indeed a mystery to behold.

Yaritza Olivia, a 20 year old in Chile has developed a health condition which makes her bleeds from her eyes several times a day. When she visited the doctor, no infection was found so she was sent home with eye drops. This condition has left the doctors mystified.

Miss Olivia said that the pain she feels is ‘indescribable and needs funds as her parents cannot afford to send her to an appropriate medical expert.

They appealed to friends and neighbours to help raise funds for her and her dad who is a carpenter made an appeal on local news programme. He said

 ‘Please put your hands over your hearts, see our situation and help my daughter.’

Experts suggests that Miss Oliva has a condition called haemolacria. The rare condition causes sufferers to cry tears of blood. It can indicate a more serious illness, such as a tumour and can be caused by high levels of hormones in women.

A teenage boy was diagnosed with haemolacria in 2009 after he cried blood three times a day.
Calvino Inman, 15, from Tennessee, said that he had no warning when the tears were about to occur. He said that sometimes he could not feel them, and others it was like a burning sensation.He and his mother appeared on television to appeal for help, but they did not find a cure.

Very little is known of the condition.

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