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Monday, 5 August 2013

Check out Cloud that form the shape of Angels & other Stuffs

Cloud taking the shape of angels 

When people come across clouds in the shape of angels, some perceive it as the sign of the end time while other see it as mere coincidence.  Anyways, asides forming the shape of an angel, clouds have also taken the shape of other stuffs like moustache, love etc. 

Check them out below

cloud that form the shape of love
cloud in the shape of a duck
cloud in the shape of a moustache
Cloud in the shape of a dolphin, Essex, Britain - 08 Jan 2013 Two white van men were left stunned after spotting an amazing dolphin shaped cloud leaping across the sky above the M11 in Essex. Matthew Sears, 22, was left open-mouthed when he spotted the marine mammal perfectly formed in a cloud above the busy motorway.
cloud in the shape of a dolphin

What do you think of clouds in taking the shape of different stuffs or Like the bible would say, What say ye?

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