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Thursday, 1 August 2013

No Exagerration: Video footage of China's heatwave that cooks pork placed on pavement

China is experiencing an intense heat wave, its highest temperature for at least 140 years. The temperature has left more than 10 people dead.
Temperatures surpassed 38 Celsius in almost all areas of Shanghai on Wednesday, peaking at 39.8 C in the central Xujiahui district in the afternoon, according to local weather statistics. Unfortunately, this is just the least as they predict it would reach 41 degrees Celsius.
Footage of a slice of pork cooked through in 10 minutes on outdoor stone slab, taken by a Shanghai TV station, has gone viral online.
The TV reporter can be heard saying that when the pork is placed on the stone slab, after 30 seconds, one side is white and after 10 minutes, the pork is 80 per cent cooked.

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