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Friday, 30 August 2013

Kenyan Police Boss Receives Severed Human Head & Body Parts As Parcel

Kenya's Police Commission chief has received a severed human head and two hands as a parcel. Also attached was a threat saying “Kavuludi, you are next"  for the chief of the largely civilian police oversight body, Johnston Kavuludi, who was appointed last year. Initially, the package was thought to be a bomb and explosives only to discover on opening that it was body parts.

Kavuludi introduced the comprehensive police reforms in 2011 aimed at stopping violations committed by police during post-election violence in 2007-2008, but implementation has been blocked. The reforms transfer some powers from the police chief to the commission, including responsibility for recruitment and discipline of police officers.

A box containing the body parts apparently hacked from the same corpse was left outside the headquarters of the National Police Service Commission in the centre of the capital Nairobi on Thursday, city police chief Benson Kibui said.

The incident was viewed as a grim warning against the efforts to reform the force but how ever, he said:
“We cannot tell the motive behind this,” Kibui said, calling it a “heinous” act.

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