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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Parrot Turns Hero as It Helps Frustrate Robbery Attack

Emerald the parakeet helps foil burglary in Florida

A parrot called Emerald has been praised for helping to foil a suspected burglary in Florida. When the 21-year-old parakeet started squawking louder than normal in his cage, his owner realised something was wrong. 
Suzette Beesley looked outside of her home in Tampa and noticed that someone was trying to burgle her neighbour's house. 

She told "I heard this bird making this serious squawking. Ms Beesley called 911 while Emerald the parrot kept 
a watchful eye from his cageHillsborough County Sheriff deputies then surrounded the neighbour's house and reportedly tackled suspect Hans Christensen, 31, as he tried to get away.
Emerald has now been hailed a hero.
Ms Beesley said: "I may have called 911, but I give praise to this bird as the one that told me that someone was getting into that home. "We pretty much don't have a watchdog, but we have a watch bird for the neighbourhood."
Christensen is being held at the Hillsborough County Jail. He is charged with burglary and grand theft.


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