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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The World's Quietest room is so quiet that you can go Insane if you remain inside for 45 minutes

 The Guinness Book of Records hails it as the world’s quietest room, so quiet that you can go insane if you remain inside for 45 minutes. The room can be found in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis as part of Orfield Laboratories.

Steven Orfield, company founder and president says: We challenge people to sit in the chamber in the dark – one reporter stayed in there for 45 minutes. When it’s quiet, ears will adapt. The quieter the room, the more things you hear. You’ll hear your heart beating, sometimes you can hear your lungs, hear your stomach gurgling loudly.’

 The room is described as an anechoic chamber meaning that you cannot hear any echo as all the sound gets absorbed – sound doesn’t bounce off the walls like in a regular room. Picture this. A typical quiet sleeping room has about 30 decibels whereas a normal conversation measures about 60 decibels. The quietest room is measured at -9 decibels.
So, what’s the purpose of the anechoic chamber? Orfield Labs uses it to test products which include stuff like the switches used on car dashboards and the sound an LED display uses on your mobile phone to ensure it isn’t too loud. Access to the room is through two bank vault-like doors with the floor being mesh like a trampoline and double walls of insulated steel and foot-thick concrete, lined with metre-long fiberglass acoustic wedges.

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