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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Meet The Boy who developed 4 Penis after Sex Escapade with his Gay Patner


A student of Uniport was reported to have developed multiple sex organs after his sex escapade with his gay lover whom he met on a social networking site, Hi 5. He was paid N20,000 to travelled down to lagos to meet his lover and was promised an agreed sum of N150,000. After the rendezvous, he discovered that his penis has trippled and his lover was no where to be found. He raised alarm which attracted everyone to the scene.

See Picture below: (Viewers discretion advised)

Lots of controversies has risen concerning this story. Some say this is true through some diabolical incantation, while some say this is the work of Photoshop.

What do you think? Can this really be true?



  1. @afolabi, na wa oo. Is one not enof for you. There is one Chinese Shangai Place you can go to if you want more. goodluck to your wife

  2. As one who has developed her mental capacity to differentiate reality from mere fantasy, the center can not hold anymore and things are begining to fall apart. I am indeed bewildered at this sight. God have mercy.

  3. This is a ridiculous occurence. A religious krikum krakum higi haga has its terminus aquo in the dastardly willingness of the homosapien to go against the will of God. This is an odoriferous saga Kumgaga tuangaga. Our Oga at the top must be shedding tears of throes. This is a clarion call for the clan of the homofaber to return to the pathfinder, The LORD JESUS CHRIST.