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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

After 121 days with 40 deadly snakes to break record, he found out that the record has been scraped from Guiness World Record

David Jones spent four months locked in a 5m x 4m sealed room with two black mambas, two green mambas, three snouted cobras, seven bloomsang and 27 puff adders. He lived, slept and ate in the deadly enclosure since May 2010 and surpassed the current 113 day world record held by South African Natie Swart.
Jones, a carpenter from Sussex, started taking an interest in snakes from the moment he caught his first grass snake on a railway line near to his home as a young boy. Before spending 121 days in a locked room with 40 venomous snakes – black mambas, cobras, boomslangs and puff adders, however, he had never actually handled a venomous snake – making his world record even more impressive, or jaw-dropping.
Surpassing the South African former world record holder Natie Swart’s effort by eight days, Jones survived the four months, eating, drinking and sleeping in the same small enclosure as the reptiles without being bitten, and has now returned to Britain.
‘It was something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, although I can’t explain why – I just love snakes,’ says Jones, looking back on the experience. ‘Prior to this I used to enjoy spending the day looking for them under logs, catching them and then releasing them.’
Source: seriousfacts

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