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Friday, 2 August 2013

The Best Weight Loss Method-Tongue Patch Surgery

Tongue Patch

The tongue patch surgery may just be what you have been looking for to shed off those excess fat. The tongue patch is a new cosmetic surgery technique that helps people lose weight by making eating  solid food extremely painful so that patients can consume only liquids.

The material used for the patch is marlex, an abrasive material usually used to repair hernias. The patch  looks like the size of a postage stamp which is carefully secured on the top of the tongue by six stitches. The cosmetic surgery for the tongue patch costs about $2,000.
It is said that you could  lose up to 30 pounds in a month  if you use the tongue patch.
Side effects include difficulties in speaking and a tendency to wake suddenly from sleep, Time reported.
However, this method has been severely criticized by some experts. 
If you really wanted to shed off that excess fat and you had the money to do this tongue patch surgery, would you go for it. What say ye?

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