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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Did You Know That Mr. Bean Is A Graduate Of Electrical Engineering???

Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean, was listed in the top 50 funniest people ever by a group of comedians. Interestingly, He went to very good schools and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. 
He proceeded to pursue a Master’s degree of the same at none other than Oxford University. It is while here that he fell in love with acting and comedy and joined an amateur theatre company. He took his comedy sketches to the Edinburgh Festival in 1976 and performed on the street. 
Atkinson shot to fame in Britain in the late 1970s. Throughout the ‘80s he starred in one of Britain’s most successful comedies, Black Adder. Mr. Bean brought him worldwide fame and acclaim.
#Wordfortheday: Anything worth doing, is worth doing well

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