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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Skyscraper in London That Melts Cars Parked Near It & Fries Eggs

An uncompleted London skyscraper is at the center of freak reports of melting cars parked near it. One of the cars damaged by the 37-storey "Walkie-Talkie" skyscraper which is due to be completed next year is a Jaguar XJ belonging to businessman Martin Lindsay who returned to find his luxury ride had developed warped panels along one side as well as a melted wing mirror and car badge.

A motorist found a pack of crisps that was inside his parked car had melted to into a hardform while a journalist successfully fried an egg on the pavement with the projected heat which reached 92.6 F (33.7C). Picture of the melting car after the cut

An official statement said: "The phenomenon is caused by the current elevation of the sun in the sky. It currently lasts for approximately two hours per day, with initial modelling suggesting that it will be present for approximately 2-3 weeks".

egg fried on the pavement of the building with the heat from the sun
The melting car

Source: skynews

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  1. I can even fry potatoes there.......lolz