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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Farmer Grows Multi-Colored Corn In United States: Would you eat this?

These extraordinary images may appear to show colourful boiled sweets or even glass beads - but in fact, they show specially bred ears of corn. Glass Gem corn was developed by a Native American farmer who noticed that every so often, a cob showed signs of unusual colouring shining through. Now the unique strain is available for purchase online, and is in hot demand from gardeners keen to add a touch of colour to their vegetable patch. The crop originates from Oklahoma, where part-Cherokee farmer Carl Barnes had the idea of gathering colourful ears of corn and breeding them together. As the years went on, he managed to produce corn displaying dozens of different colours on a single cob.

Wow!!!! this looks colourful but strange. Errmmm, although I love corn with a passion but i think i would pass on this one. What do you think, Can you eat it? More pix after the cut

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