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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

After years of Marriage, Couple In Uk Realize That They Are Twins

Incest, Abomination, Tufiakwa....a whole lot of people would condemn this but before you be the first to throw that stone, here is the story .....
Separated at birth and raised by separate parents, the unnamed twins fell for each other and tied the knot without knowing they were brother and sister. They didn’t know they were blood relatives until after the wedding, following which they had the marriage annulled at a clandestine High Court hearing. A judge ruled the union to be legally invalid (as if they needed to be told).
The couple’s, or rather twin’s, plight  was brought to light by Lord Alton, a former British politician who was then fighting for children to have greater rights in knowing the identity of their biological parents. 
If you were a victim of this, what would you do? Feign ignorance and remain married or annul the marriage?

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