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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Check Out A $300,000 Wrist Watch That Doesn't Tell Time


At least, Dbanj's expensive wrist watch which he said can buy a bently can tell the time but this wrist watch which cost $300,000 (N45,000,000) cant. All it can do is tell you whether it is day or night.
Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome’s watch, ‘Day & Night’, made from oxidized steel salvaged from the Titanic (yes, the boat), doesn’t tell the time. Oh, it has two complex tourbillons (devices that conteract gravity and other perturbing force that affects the accuracy of the watch) all right, but the watch can only tell whether it’s day or night.
Yvan Arpa, company chief executive, quoted statistical studies to decipher how the watch better speaks of the ‘time-philosophy’ of today’s wealth. 
‘When you ask people what is the ultimate luxury, 80 percent answer ‘time’. Then when you look at other studies, 67 percent don’t look at their watch to tell what time it is,’ he told Reuters.
Yvan was also of the view that anyone is capable of purchasing a watch that tells time (that’s what they do, wrong?). But ‘only a truly discerning customer can buy one that doesn’t.’ The best part about this utterly useless device? The watch sold out within 48 hours of its launch.

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