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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Torture: In The Past, Adulterous Women & Homosexuals Were Punished by Stretching Their Anus or Vagina To Death


This must be some real torture/Pain. Thank God this generation was not born if not, they for don tear almost all the anus or nyas...#justsaying. 
Anyway in the middle Ages, torture was perceived as a legal method of attaining justice and of making the offenders confess about the crimes they were accused of. The prevailing rulers and those who participated in the spates of torture used these confessions as testimonies in the trials and inquires that ensued. 
There were different torture techniques for different crimes: the Judas Chair technique for sexual offenders, the Breast Ripper for crimes like blasphemy, spreading gossip, adultery and abortion. The Crocodile Shears was reserved for those who attempted to assassinate the king. And the Choke Pear.

The Choke Pear had several versions but all of them were used to inflict torture through the vaginal and rectal areas or the mouth. The device featured a screw, which would be used to expand any of the areas that it was inserted. The choke pear also featured sharp prongs at the tips of the segment, used to tear the throat, the cervical area or the intestines. This device was used to punish women accused of having intercourse with Satan, males who were perceived as having homosexual tendencies and on heretical priests.

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