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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Alarm Clock That Shows You When You'll Die Is Set To Go Into Production

An alarm clock that sets out to actually alarm its owner first thing in the morning is set to go into production. ALARMclock has a retro-style LED animation which can be programmed to start the day with information that shocks its user into awareness.
The makers say it can deliver "motivating data about your financial status, the size of your social networks, and your projected life expectancy". So instead of seeing the time on the clock's display, users could see their current bank balance or the number of Facebook friends they have.
All that is needed is a WiFi connection to customise features from a computer, phone or tablet. The clock's designers applied for backing for their idea on, the crowdfunding website that appeals to individual backers to buy a stake in the idea. Their pitch funding suggests to backers they can "reconnect with powerful motivating forces such as financial instability, social insecurity and fear of death".
The clock is, its designers say: "A daily reminder that life is hard, deal with it."
In their case, it might just have got easier. With 18 days to go until the funding period ends, they have already raised more than double the $7,000 (£4,300) amount they set out to achieve.

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