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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Retiring Police Dogs In Nottinghamshire To be Given Penison

A German Shepherd dog
Lol...This is quiet hilarious. Retiring police dogs in Nottinghamshire are to be given a £500-a-year pension.
The county's police and crime commissioner announced plans for the three-year pension plan, saying the dogs had "worked hard all their lives" and deserved to be recognised. Paddy Tipping said the money would be given on request to the dogs' handlers to help them foot the cost of any vet bills.
"We give pensions to police officers and we look after (them) when they retire," he said. The dogs have worked hard all their lives and we should make some provision for them as well."
Around six police dogs retire in Nottinghamshire every year. Most go to live with the handler who has worked with them during their time in the force. Mr Tipping said he was "concerned" these officers have to pay for the dogs' food and medical bills.
"Let's be clear, if the officers didn't look after the dogs when they retire from the force, they would be put down," he said. The police officers become very fond of the dogs. They keep them and I don't think it's fair they have to pay all the bills."
Nottinghamshire has 26 police dogs which are able to sniff out drugs and explosives, search dangerous buildings and detain suspects. New recruits are trained when they are around 12 months old and usually retire when they are between seven-and-a-half and eight-and-a-half years old.

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